Employer Branding

End-to-end Employer Branding Solutions Customised Just for You! 

Tap on our expertise in student and graduate recruitment outreach to design a bespoke employer branding campaign! We help you maximise your employer brand engagement and ground outreach through a combination of digital and in-person branding initiatives.
Leverage off our network of university partnerships, content creation expertise, and our diverse portfolio of products, events, and services to get the outcomes you want. Whether you’re looking to engage us for an end-to-end campaign, or simply to fill specific gaps in your recruitment marketing strategy, we can customise a solution just for you.    

Customizable timeframes – Want to run an intense 2-to-3-week campaign to promote a specific initiative? Or maybe you’re looking for 6-month long slow burn to bolster your talent pipeline? Either way, we have you covered.
Online Sessions – Interaction with students is a key anchor to effective engagement. Join our incredibly popular “Spotlight” series of online sessions to connect with potential candidates in an authentic, fuss-free setting.
Content Creation – Branded editorial content, social media content, video marketing, e-newsletter, custom publishing projects, etc.
Design Services – Social media campaign visuals, special advertisement designs, brand collateral production and sourcing, etc.
Social Media Takeovers – Host livestream/Q&A sessions, branded social media campaigns, themed IG Stories, TikTok and Reels content, etc.
Targeted SEM and SMM – We run targeted Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) buys in tandem with your campaign to further boost engagement with your content and remarket to past visitors.
Advertise in our Magazines – Be featured in our market-leading career guidance publications, available in both physical and eBook formats. Discover our full series of publications here
Targeted Career Events – Engage students and graduates through our series of targeted career events. All our events are hybrid, meaning they can run in both digital and in-person formats, and comply with all government-mandated COVID-19 safety regulations.

Start your employer branding journey with us today! Contact us to find out more.